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Corona 19 infected elderly left the bed for the young man, said- I lived a life, their children will be orphaned.

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Corona infected elderly left the bed for the young man, said- I lived a life, their children will be orphaned.

Corona infected elderly left the bed for the young man, said- I lived a life, their children will be orphaned.

The second wave of Corona virus in the country has caught a dangerous pace. Due to increasing corona patients, there is a huge shortage of beds, oxygen and medicines in hospitals across the country. Set an example of an elderly humanity in Nagpur district of Maharashtra, which is most affected by the corona.

Narayan Bhaurao Dabhadkar, an elder of 85 years, vacated his bed for a young man saying that I have lived my life to the fullest, but behind that person is the entire family, his children will be orphaned. Narayan Rao went home after leaving hospital’s bed and said goodbye to the world within three days. After getting information about this incident, everyone is praising Rao.

According to the information, Narayan Bhaurao Dabhadkar, a resident of Nagpur, had become corona infected. His oxygen level had come down to 60. After this, his son-in-law and daughter were admitted to Indira Gandhi Government Hospital after much effort. Narayan Rao also got a bed after a long struggle.

After seeing the pain of the woman, the elderly old man left the bed

Meanwhile, a woman came crying, who had brought her 40-year-old husband to the hospital. The woman was looking for a bed for her husband. Seeing the woman’s anguish, Narayan told the doctor, ‘I have reached 85 years of age. I have seen a lot, I have lived my life too. This woman’s husband needs more beds than me. Children of that person need their father.Otherwise they will be orphaned. After this Narayan gave his bed to the woman’s husband. Seeing his request, the hospital administration got him to write on a paper, ‘I am voluntarily emptying my bed for another patient.’ Dabhadkar filled the acceptance letter and returned home. Narayan, a corona victim, was taken care of at home, but died three days later. According to information, Narayan was associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Thousands of people have paid tribute to Dabhadkar on Twitter, in addition to the people doing Naman on social media. Thousands of people have paid tribute to Narayan Rao on social media.BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya also wrote in his Facebook post, referring to this amazing sacrifice of Narayan, “Those who know the goodwill and values ​​of the Rashtriya Sevak Sangh, know that it is such a service organization which gives its life. They also do not miss serving. ‘

Shivraj Singh Chauhan told him a true sevak

Praising Narayan Rao, who dedicated his life to humanity, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan tweeted, “Narayan ji departed from this world in three days while protecting the life of another person.” Only true servants of society and nation can make such a sacrifice, salute your pious service! ‘ You are an inspiration for society. Humble tribute to the Divine. ॐ Peace! ”

Shivraj Singh Chauhan tweeted, “I am 85 years old, have seen life, but if that woman’s husband dies then the children will be orphaned, so I have a duty to save that person’s life.” Saying this, Corona-infected RSS volunteer Narayan Rao gave his bed to that patient.”

It’s the biggest sacrifice that a human can ever make.Sacrificing his own life for others.Nation will remember his sacrifice till the end of time.

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